1. The second paragraph mentions "Cubee and his aggregate friends". Assuming that Cubee is the largest aggregate wearing the boots and pants and hardhat, we can probably assume as well that the nearby aggregates are Cubee's friends, and are probably not Cubee's adversaries. Upon study, Cubee is obviously larger than his friends and is wearing clothing. It appears that Cubee's friends either cannot afford clothing, or that they are not accustomed to wearing clothing. If they cannot afford clothing, what does Cubee do that affords himself clothing? If they are not accustomed to wearing clothing, why is it that Cubee is accustomed to wearing clothing? The second paragraph specifically mentions "Cubee's birthplace in the neighborhood quarry," stating that Cubee was born in the quarry while implying that his friends were not. Do Cubee's friends come from a place where clothing is not customary while Cubee himself was born in a place where clothing is the local custom? In any case, Cubee is standing on the grass near the flowers while Cubee's "friends" are engaged in other commitments.

2. The second paragraph mentions Cubee's "…new home in the schools, roads and other structures…" Here we learn that aggregates make their homes in many places. While it is credible for a sentient physical aggregate to live in a school or other structure, it is more difficult to understand how a being of any kind could live in a road, which brings up many questions. Do aggregates have a sentient spiritual quality that remains unseen by humans? Is every physical mass we encounter seething with unseen "rollicking" entities? If so, are they smiling and waving at us? Or are they just watching? If this is not the correct interpretation of the "new home" of certain aggregates, then is the term "new home" perhaps a euphemism of some kind? One of Cubee's friends is pulling a wagon. Why don't the aggregates in the wagon have arms and legs? Were the aggregates in the wagon once Cubee's adversaries?

If so, where are they being taken? To their "new home" perhaps? Is their "new home" in the road? Is the road in the picture paved with the bodies of Cubee's adversaries? But the second paragraph mentions that Cubee's "new home" is in the schools and roads, etc. Here we stumble upon a frightening uncertainty. We have assumed this entire time that Cubee is the smiling aggregate featured in the picture. Is Cubee actually one of the decapitated aggregates being pulled in the wagon? If this is the case, then who are the aggregates waving at us, why are they smiling, and what have they done to Cubee?